On march 2018 I was glad that the very nice 121clicks.com website contacted me to make an interview because they discovered and liked my work on social networks. 
"Fabrice Forest is a Landscape Photographer from French Alps, Europe. In his words “I think I came to photography, not for photography itself but for the relation to nature I have been taught in the family of farmers and foresters where I grew up. In my childhood, there was also the tradition of hunting but I did not became a hunter myself cause it was not my trick. Many times I was taken with my grandfather to go hunting in the Forez woods. As a child, this was both terrifying and fascinating to experience such a symbiosis with the wild. I think it still influences me. When I started wandering for photography, maybe it was like hunting a similar experience that resources me. The difference with photography is that we “shoot” something without killing but we capture an experience that we can relive and share with others.”
Thanks Fabrice Forest, for accepting our invite. Please read on… 121clicks.com"

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