During the summer of 2021 I was lucky to participate in the Rencontres Photographiques du Trièves, a photo festival. It was planned for 2020 but postponed due to the Covid-19 (2021 program). It's a fantastic event because it takes place in a beautiful region, Trièves, near my home. Moreover the festival encourages people to visit all the area since every exhibition take place in a different village. Below it's a glimpse of the region !

Every weekend there is a contest of photographers in a village for openings and guided tours. Well, I really recommend you to visit the next edition in 2022. My series was exhibited in Gresse-en-Vercors, a small chic ski resort in a former mountain village. The photos were visible in the hotel-restaurant Le Chalet (gourmet place).
I commented on my work in July and met some cool people and photographers with rich views. I don't remember exactly what I said but I do remember being inspired by the words of a book I had just read which spoke of the birth of "natural landscape" in the arts and especially in painting. I remember also that I said that landscape style in painting has appeared in the background of religious pictures where the painter wanted to signify a sort of nature mystic behind the official religion. A way to say the world has different layers of reality depending of each individuals. This is just another way to interpret "Arrière-Plan", the name of my series. 
Many to thanks to Marion Saget for these pictures

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