I have a preference for visual expression so few words about me here : ) 
My name is Forest and that's good because I like making photographs into the forest : )
So in my work you will find especially some landscape photography, mainly shot in the area I live in the french Alps.
I shoot wilderness ambiances since many years but I have just decided only few years ago to move my pics from the hard drive to social networks. I have set this website on late 2017 and recently I have started to propose my images to photography festivals or exhibitions. 
In this gallery about me you will find news and details about all these things : )
If you want to learn more about my photo approach I was honoured that 121.clicks.com showcased my work in this interview.
En français, ici vous pouvez découvrir article que lesnumeriques.com a écrit sur mon travail.
But if you want very fresh news about my work please do not hesitate to visite my social profiles in the up-right corner of this website : )

a trip with my son and my coz at lac Blanc, Belledonne, july 2017

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